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THOMASVILLE, Ga. (April 9, 2020) – As we navigate these unchartered waters together, smart technology can help keep critical systems operational to ensure that companies stay up and running. Functions such as boiler management, which generally needs to be overseen in person, can now with advancements in IoT be monitored remotely, or by fewer people.

Prometha Boiler Remote Monitoring Prometha Boiler Remote Monitoring

With IoT in the boiler room, an operator or maintenance manager now has immediate, boiler remote monitoring access to view key boiler gauges such as efficiency, stack temperature, flame signal strength, oxygen level, and boiler on/off cycles per hour from anywhere, including home. This enables an operator to see at-a-glance if the boiler system is functioning properly and make quick, informed boiler health decisions.

More importantly, IoT-powered devices can readily detect conditions that may lead to equipment failure. When a shutdown event occurs, the device can send an instant alert over a safe cellular network to an authorized user’s smart device in order to take action to reduce unplanned downtime.

Trending and reporting capabilities made available through an IoT solution can capture boiler system anomalies, even where there is no one in the boiler room to witness them. Similar to an EKG that graphs the activity of a heart, an IoT trend report records the intricate details about a boiler system’s performance. This capability enables facility personnel to examine what’s happening in the boiler room to identify ways to optimize the boiler system from a fuel and efficiency standpoint.

As a single-source solution with more than 90 years of industry-leading intelligence, Cleaver-Brooks has developed an innovative and highly integrated IoT-connected boiler solution.  With quick installation and simple startup. Prometha® not only collects data, but provides trend reports and a single overview screen of your entire boiler system, so you can manage your entire operational performance in real-time from anywhere on any smart device.

We stand ready to help you get started with Prometha®, to ensure you can monitor with confidence during these trying times. Learn more by viewing our IoT Webinar and Prometha Demo.

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