Water Treatment Programs

Water Treatment Programs

Delval offers a full complement of water treatment programs for all utilities as well as process water.  We pride ourselves in improving performance of your operation and conserving energy and water thus improving the carbon footprint of your facility with out of the box comprehensive approaches.

Boiler Treatment Programs (Liquid & Solid)

Delval’s boiler treatment programs provide your boiler system several layers of protection from make-up through blow down and condensate return tailor made for your site.  Delval’s Water Treatment team takes a comprehensive approach to prescribing a program that encompasses –

  • Incoming water quality
  • Pre-Treatment equipment – softeners, dealkalizers, deaerators
  • Alternative Programs aimed at reducing operating costs

Cooling Tower Treatment Programs (Liquid & Solid)

Delval’s Water Treatment Team evaluates all impact factors related to cooling tower water and then selects a site-specific treatment program to protect against –

  • Deposition – Dispersants are used to prevent deposition which can rob your system of energy efficiency. Follow-up monitoring of LSI and calcium concentration is conducted to ensure performance.
  • Corrosion – High-stress corrosion inhibitors are applied to protect the system against corrosion. Follow-up monitoring using corrosion studies and concentration of metals in the tower water is conducted to ensure performance.
  • Microbiological Fouling – Non-oxidizing biocides, oxidizing biocides, and bio-dispersants are used to combat microbiological fouling thus mitigate the presence of biofilm which is an excellent harbor for Legionella. All three (3) biocidal treatments are used to broaden the kill spectrum as well as penetrate and remove any residual biofilm.

Closed Loop Programs (Liquid & Solid)

Delval’s closed loop programs protect your closed hot or chilled water system from corrosion and deposition.  Molybdate based programs are typically used but nitrite programs are available.  For a large closed-loop, Delval has concentrated closed-loop programs that are aimed at lowering use cost.  Should the need arise, Delval has a line of disinfectants that can be used to disinfect a contaminated closed-loop water system.

Process Water Programs

Delval has been involved in treatment programs for a number of process water systems including water re-use when zero or reduced discharge is mandated.  However, the programs are focused entirely on the given site and issue.  Consequently, if you have a process stream that is an issue, contact Delval for a sampling & audit site visit or go to the “Service” section for more detail and then contact Delval.

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