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Delval Water Treatment GuideWhy Delval Water Treatment?

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  • Guaranteed Results
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What Are Delval Water Treatment Programs?

Contrary to what many people believe, an effective water treatment program is based upon service, not chemicals. Yes, chemical products play an important role. But without professional service and support, you will not achieve the results you want or need for your systems.

The “product” we sell is a combination of technology and service. We utilize the most current chemical technology available to the water treatment industry. However, technology alone is not enough to provide results. Ours is a hands-on approach using proven technology to achieve maximum performance.

Our approach to water treatment is simple. We combine technology and service to provide you with the best water treatment program available. Our objective: Provide you with higher efficiency and increased equipment life. Everything we do, from product research and development to customer service is done with this philosophy in mind.

Do You Treat Equipment Other Than Boilers?

Yes. The Delval Water Technology Division is a full service water treatment company offering a complete line of chemicals for treating boilers, cooling systems, and waste water systems. We also offer consulting services.

How Do The Programs Work?

To start, your Delval Water Technology Division Representative will perform a detailed survey of your systems. He will spend time talking with all operating personnel. Once he fully understands your system, he will design a treatment program specific to your needs.

However, his job doesn’t end with recommending a treatment program. Once the program has been implemented, it is his responsibility to ensure that the program is effective. This means regular service visits to:

  • test and record treatment parameters
  • check pretreatment, chemical feed and control equipment.
  • inspect all areas of your system
  • provide written recommendations for fine tuning the program.

Do You Offer Operating Training?

Your Delval Water Technology Division Representative will provide training to all operating personnel. By educating your personnel on effective water treatment practices, he can ensure ongoing results. We also offer on site seminars for multiple plant operations.

Can You Provide Quick Ship Response?

We have affiliations with leading chemical manufacturers to supply any chemical or equipment needs for our customers. Delval Water Technology Division maintains an inventory of chemicals and control equipment at our warehouse in West Norriton, Pa. to ensure availability and quick response.

What Type Of Field Support Do You Provide?

Delval Water Technology Division provides continual support through a network of field Representatives. In addition to field technical support, the Delval Water Treatment Division has access to our manufacturers’ complete analytical laboratory, and quality control departments, staffed with experienced chemists. If your systems conditions change, we can provide critical field solutions. We also provide all MSDS, safety, and regulatory information. Quality control assurance is also available to our customers.

Do You Offer Annualized Service Contracts?

Yes. We can provide you with a “no surprise” annual water treatment contract for a single, up-front, known cost. We can even blend a program with your existing service contract. Or, you can purchase products as you need them. The Delval Water Treatment Program is geared to meet your needs.

Do You Guarantee Results?

Yes. Our program works, and we guarantee it!

If the heat transfer surface requires chemical cleaning as a result of improper water treatment product application or product performance as specified by a Delval authorized Representative, the surfaces will be cleaned at no cost to you.*

*Some restrictions apply, please contact your Delval Water Technology Division for more details.

Do You Treat Commercial HVAC Systems?

Yes. We are prepared to treat all commercial, process or industrial systems. Ours is a single source, full service program.

Can You Provide A Program For My Entire System?

We offer a systems approach to water treatment that is customized for each application. We don’t recommend using one product for all situations. We design a program to meet individual needs and requirements. This may include equipment such as softeners, deaerators, dealkalizers and centrifugal separators. We also can provide clarification, filtering and dewatering equipment for waste applications.

For over fifty years the Delval Equipment name has been synonymous with “quality and service.” During that time we have worked hard at working for you.

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