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What’s included

Delval can design, engineer, specify and provide a complete chemical feed and control system for your cooling tower system including automated blowdown, metering pumps, feed control, and monitoring for a liquid or solid water treatment program.

We have over 100 liquid and solid chemical feed and control systems in place and operating successfully on small & large cooling systems.  The chemical feed and control system can:

  • Communicate with the building management system
  • Maintain chemical residuals preventing corrosion and microbiological fouling
  • React and adjust to a change in make-up water quality
  • Monitor control measures ensuring performance
  • Comply with best practices defined by ASHRAE Standard 188, CDC and OSHA

Configuration, start-up, and training is included in all equipment provided.  Maintenance of the chemical feed and control equipment can be included in Delval’s water treatment programs purchased separately.

Solid Chemical Feed

Demand for Delval’s solid feed programs is exploding for several well-founded reasons:

  • Solid feed cooling tower system
    Figure 1 – Solid feed cooling tower system

    Drum handling eliminated (product comes in 11# jugs, not 300# drums)

  • Drum disposal costs eliminated
  • Liquid chemical storage eliminated (jugs stored on the shelf in office for 2 years)
  • Spill concerns and related hazmat procedures eliminated
  • Freight costs for chemical delivery reduced (product shipped UPS

We have over 15 solid feed systems on-line and the list is growing.

We install pre-piped and wired wall-mounted solid feed systems for cooling towers shown in Figure 1.  However, the components can be shipped separately and field mounted.

Three (3) feed stations can be mounted for corrosion inhibitor; an oxidizing biocide; and, a non-oxidizing biocide.  Level sensors monitor the level of solution in the sumps at the base of the feed stations.  A probe reads inhibitor/dispersant concentration 24/7/365 thus protecting the tower system 24/7/365 without over or underfeeding.  The biocides are fed with a timer.  A real-time corrosion monitor can display corrosion rates in real-time or a traditional coupon rack can be mounted.

Liquid Chemical Feed

Delval has a tried and true liquid feed system for treating and protecting cooling towers systems.  The products come in pails and/or drums of different sizes.

The components for chemical feed and control can come separately and plumbed in the field.  Or mounted on a board that can be anchored to the floor for easy install depicted in Figure 2.

Wall mount for liquid feed system
Figure 2 – Wall mount for liquid feed system

The footprint required is approximately a four (4)  foot square to accommodate the pails and drums on a containment tray.

The blowdown controller is configured to:

  • Monitor operating parameters necessary to protect the system
  • Activate blow down when necessary
  • Activate the chemical pumps via alternative feed modes

A probe can be included that reads inhibitor/dispersant concentration 24/7/365 thus protecting the tower system 24/7/365 without over or under feeding.  The biocides are fed with a timer.  Real-time corrosion monitor can display corrosion rates in real-time or a traditional coupon rack can be mounted.

Leading Edge Chemical Feed & Control System

Delval has developed, engineered, built, and installed a second-generation proprietary control system that can be used for solid or liquid feed.   Our proprietary system uses information monitored by the controller as well as harvesting additional information for transfer to the building management system.  Information provided by Delval’s control system and proprietary software can provide real-time information from several distinct perspectives:

  • Treatment program’s performance
  • Cooling tower operating control measures
  • Complies with the ASHRAE Standard 188 supported by CDC and OSHA.
  • Provides chemical daily use rates for DEP monthly reports (if required)

Start-up/Training/Service for both Solid or Liquid Feed Systems

Once installed, Delval will start-up and configure the liquid feed system.  Training and operating manuals will be provided for the operators on the feed station(s); its workings; and troubleshooting.

Delval can service both solid & liquid feed systems whether new or in operation in conjunction with or separate from our treatment programs as needed or on a preventive maintenance plan.  Delval has ample experience in servicing and trouble-shooting liquid or solid feed systems in that Delval has over 100 cooling tower feed systems in place and successfully operating.

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