Water Treatment Products

Water Treatment Products

Delval Water Treatment GuideBoiler System Chemistry (Liquids / Solids / Powders)

  • Oxygen Scavengers – we offer both liquid, powder and solid oxygen scavengers. Our oxygen scavengers protect the interior walls of the feed water tank or deaerator and boiler tubes from oxygen attack. Delval can provide FDA/USDA approved for use in boilers.
  • Alkalinity Builders – Delval has both liquid and solid alkalinity builders that effectively maintain the magnetite natural layer of protection and drive the other treatment chemical’s reactions. Delval’s alkalinity builders are both FDA/USDA approved for use in boilers.
  • Sludge Conditioners – we have a wide selection of sludge conditioners in both liquid and solid form tailored to your needs to prevent scale formation. Scale robs your boiler of energy efficiency whether it comes from calcium, silica, or iron.  In fact, an egg-shell thick scale will use 5% more fuel to produce the same amount of steam. Our sludge conditioners are FDA/USDA approved and are highly effective in preventing scale.
  • Condensate Return System Protector – Our focus is protecting your entire return system which is where many water treatment providers fail to do so. If inadequately protected, your return system is vulnerable to corrosion leading to damaged steam traps and leaks.

Typically, Delval uses a condensate return system protector with all the ingredients necessary to ensure protection throughout the entire return system. Our condensate return system protectors are FDA/USDA approved for use in a boiler system where the steam is used for humidification and or directly injected.

  • All-in-One Chemistry – we offer a full complement of all-in-one products. The all-in-one products provide the convenience of having the required components in one liquid drum or solid jug.  Delval offers all-in-one products that are FDA/USDA approved for use in a boiler system.
  • Supplemental / Cleaning / Start-up & Lay-up Chemistry – Delval maintains a leading-edge stable of supplemental boiler treatment products and boiler cleaning products. There are times when the boiler treatment program needs a boost to get over an obstacle.  Provided the chemical feed and control system is properly engineered, Delval can supplement their treatment programs with chemicals laser-focused on a specific issue.

Our proven cleaning chemistry has worked successfully to remove scale and provide a bare metal tube to our customers.  The cleaning chemistry selectively attacks the scale leaving the metal intact.

  • Start-up and Lay-up Chemistry – New or re-tubed boilers should be boiled out to remove any oils and slag but more importantly to begin the conversion of the tube’s surface iron to magnetite which is the natural layer of protection for the tubes. Delval has a standing inventory of start-up boiler product that can accomplish this task and is sanctioned by Cleaver-Brooks.

Many boiler systems are laid-up periodically or seasonally. These boilers are very susceptible to oxygen attacks when turned off. The boiler should be laid-up properly to prevent oxygen attack and maintain the magnetite layer on the tubes.  Delval can prescribe either a wet lay-up chemistry or a convenient dry lay-up “desiccant sock” as desired.

Cooling Tower Chemistry (Liquids & Solids)

  • Corrosion Inhibitors/Dispersants – Delval has a wide array of cooling tower products that will protect your cooling tower system from corrosion and deposition.

Corrosion inhibitors incorporate several ingredients that lay a protective barrier on the interior surfaces of the piping thus arresting corrosion from one end of the galvanic series of metals to the other especially focused on copper and its alloys.  Corrosion inhibitors will suppress corrosion rates below industry maximum standards. Dispersants are coupled with our corrosions inhibitors to prevent scale formation. The net result is maximum heat transfer efficiency through-out the cooling tower system, especially in the condenser.

We offer a line of high-stress products that can handle cooling tower water exposure to skin temperatures as high as 180⁰F.  All of our corrosion inhibitor/dispersants are available in GRAS (or Green) form that is generally regarded as safe for the environment.

  • Biocides maintain a broad line of biocides to protect from microbiological fouling and biofilm formation. Our biocide products include oxidizing and non-oxidizing products.  Both oxidizing and non-oxidizing products are available in liquid and solid form.

The oxidizing biocides include all forms of halogens. While liquid chlorine is available, we typically prescribe a liquid bromine or chlorine dioxide due to their capabilities to perform with wider pH limits and non-corrosive tendencies. The solid form of our halogen has performed beyond expectations in the field.

The non-oxidizing biocides include a wide range of products in various concentrations. They come in both liquid and solid forms. Delval has a non-oxidizing biocide that is categorized as GRAS or generally regarded as safe for the environment.

  • Bio-dispersants & Cleaning Agents – we maintain an extensive line of both bio-dispersants and cleaning agents for cooling tower systems depending on the contaminant involved. Should a biofilm develop, and comes away from the surface unchecked, there could be a Legionella outbreak. We offer a wide variety of bio-dispersants that can penetrate and remove biofilm from interior surfaces.

A cooling tower system is prone to being a depository for all forms of scale, silt and airborne solids. The sump can accumulate organic deposits that need to be removed. Also, calcium scale develops for a variety of reasons.  Delval’s line of cleaning agents can attack and remove the deposition.  We will prescribe a cleaning agent that will target the deposition depending on its constituents.

  • Start-up & Lay-up Products – Delval maintains a complete line of start-up and lay-up products including for starting up a galvanized system. Proper start-up and layup not only will extend the life of the system but is also prescribed in ASHRAE Standard 188, CDC and OSHA regarding the prevention and transmission of Legionella.

Closed Loop Chemistry

  • Corrosion Inhibitors – Delval’s closed-loop products protect your closed hot or cold water system from corrosion and deposition. For a large closed-loop, Delval has concentrated closed-loop programs that are aimed at lowering use cost. Delval also offers a line of disinfectants that can be used to disinfect a contaminated closed-loop water system.

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