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Modulating Unitary Range (VA)

Modulating Unitary Range (VA)

Advanced Radiant Systems’ unitary flagship is the Modulating Unitary Range (VA). The VA Range boasts the highest turndown ratio in the industry on a unitary heater. Unlike other manufacturers’ units, the VA Range modulates both fuel and air simultaneously for a true modulation benefit. By meeting building envelop heating demands on an ongoing basis, energy consumption is minimized. Occupant comfort is also enhanced by offering a more consistent temperature output than found with single and dual-stage heaters. These units are exceptionally suited for those areas in a facility with inconsistent heating demands.

Adaptive Technology

The VA Range automatically adjusts air and gas to properly regulate the temperature in a given space. The direct analog signal and effective and non-proprietary controls make operation simple. The VA is not preprogrammed; it reads the room and adjusts itself accordingly. Therefore, the output of energy will be a steady stream; eliminating temperatures dips and rises. This improves thermal efficiencies in excess
of 80%.


Advanced Radiant Systems

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