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Neptune Chemical Hydraulic Metering Pumps

Neptune Chemical Hydraulic Metering Pumps

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Neptune Hydraulic Diaphragm metering pumps are typically used for chemical metering in process and agricultural industries. Chemical metering pumps are available for high and low-pressure applications with manual and electronic stroke control.

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Neptune Series 500 “dia-Pump” Metering Pumps
  • Variable Oil By-pass™ stroke adjustment allows better valve performance than variable linkage designs. The valve checks have extra time to seat even in heavy liquids since they are idle during the by-pass portion of the suction and discharge strokes.
Neptune Electronic Stroke Control
  • The Neptune Electric Stroke Control allows the capacity of any Neptune Series 500 or Series 600 “dia-PUMP” to be automatically controlled in response to a standard 4-20 mA process signal. Also accepts 0-5 VDC/0-10 VDC signal or digital pulse train inputs.
Low Volume Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pumps
  • Neptune Model 5003/5005 hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps are built to deliver very low flows, repeatable and accurate ranging down to quarts per day. Discharge pressures are higher than are possible with mechanical diaphragm pumps. Explosion-proof models are available for use in hazardous atmospheres.
E Series “dia-Pump” Metering Pumps
  • Series 500-E offers an economical alternate to the standard Series 500 “dia-PUMP” or an opportunity to “step-up” from packed plunger pumps to a true hydraulic diaphragm pump at a modest cost increment.
High Viscosity Metering Pumps V-Pumps
  • Neptune high viscosity, flat diaphragm “V-Pumps” are designed to accurately meter viscous fluids up to 5000 cP such as polymers and other thick liquids.

Tubular Diaphragm Pumps

  • Neptune Series 500 Tubular Diaphragm Pumps are engineered for viscous fluids up to 20,000 cP and for medium slurries up to 10% solids.
Neptune Metering Pumps – High Volume Series 600
  • Designed for high-pressure, high-volume applications. Simplex or duplex models available. Variable Oil By-pass™ stroke adjustment. Hydraulically balanced Teflon® diaphragm eliminates stress. EZE-CLEAN™ valves are removable without disturbing piping. Optional electronic positioners or variable speed drives available.
High Volume Low-Pressure Metering Pumps
  • The Neptune Series 8000 “dia-PUMP” is a hydraulically- actuated diaphragm pump designed for high volume metering applications such as regeneration, pretreatment and waste treatment. Both simplex and duplex models are available.
Solar D™ Pump Series
  • Neptune Solar D™ pump was developed via a joint engineering effort with our sister company, Ferguson Beauregard, part of Dover Corporation. This effort resulted in an innovative solar-powered chemical injection pump for feeding a wide variety of chemicals into remote oil and gas wells where electrical power is unavailable. The Neptune Solar D is engineered to meet the needs voiced by the industry.


Neptune is a premier manufacturer of chemical metering pumps, chemical feed systems and accessories. Neptune’s hydraulic and mechanical diaphragm metering pumps are well known for injecting chemicals into boilers and cooling towers, and in water and wastewater treatment applications. Major applications also include power generation, oil and gas exploration, petro-chemical, and irrigation markets. Other Neptune products include make-down systems to prepare and activate liquid or dry polymer for injection into water and wastewater treatment processes, a complete line of portable mixers, plus steam and water sample analysis panels.

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