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ADAC – Advanced Deaerator Control

ADAC – Advanced Deaerator Control


One package from a single-source supplier.

The ADAC is a PLC-based deaerator and surge tank control system designed to improve boiler water quality for system reliability and higher efficiency. It can monitor and control all points for a single deaerator or surge tank, a duo deaerator/surge tank, or two separate, independent tank systems via an easy-to-navigate, color touch screen.

Control System Benefits:

  • Correctly maintains feedwater temperature and pressure to maximize boiler efficiency
  • Ensures reliability with ongoing operating and fault indications
  • Enhances safety through an electronic control with monitoring and annunciation
  • Guides decision making via constant system intelligence and information access
  • Effectively manages pump operations to extend system life

Key System Features

  • Controls condensate return, freshwater make-up, and emergency water make-up
  • Includes options for variable-speed drive, on-off or soft-starter pump control
  • Provides options for one pump per boiler or lead-lag control of pumps
  • Primary and secondary make-up valve control
  • PRV and overflow-valve control option
  • Electronic control of recirculation valve option
  • Local trending of process variable vs. set point, and control outputs
  • Chemical feed pump relay control
  • Interfaces with local or remote monitoring and building automation systems


Cleaver-Brooks is the industry leader in providing energy-efficient, low-emissions boiler room products. With the power of total integration, only Cleaver-Brooks can offer a complete boiler room solution that is designed, engineered, and manufactured (by one company) to work seamlessly together.
By selecting Cleaver-Brooks, you can forget about having to cobble together a boiler room with different manufacturers and hoping they’ll all work together. Instead Cleaver-Brooks will provide the boiler, burner, controls and all accessory equipment to remove the headaches and provide one source of accountability for your boiler room.
Cleaver-Brooks offers an extensive range of steam boilers from 10 horsepower to 1,000,000 pounds of steam per hour including firetube, industrial watertube, flexible watertube commercial, electric, and heat recovery boilers.

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