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Fuel Oil Accessories

Fuel Oil Accessories

For a complete system there are many specialty items that are used to provide a fully functional and reliable system.

Fuel Oil Accessories

Every fuel oil system is composed of major elements such as pump sets, day tanks, filtration systems, and controls.  To complete the system there is the need for fuel oil specialty devices. These devices have specific uses.  Examples are to protect from overfilling, to protect from spilling oil out of a storage tank, and to properly set the pressure for boilers or day tanks to receive the oil. All these devices listed below are designed for Mission Critical Fuel Oil Systems. Most carry a UL approval for use with fuel oil. Seals and gaskets used in these devices are selected for use with fuel oil.


Critical Fuel Systems

Critical Fuel Systems provides mission critical fuel oil systems. These systems are composed of pump sets, day tanks, controls, filtration systems and other specialty equipment to make up a complete system to meet your needs.  Our systems are found in data centers, hospitals, governmental institutions and financial facilities since 1946.

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