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Cleaver-Brooks M5M

Cleaver-Brooks M5M

  • Steam or Hot Water
  • 2,000-6,000 MBH Input
  • Natural Gas, Propane
  • 15-500 psig Design Pressure
  • Premix Burner Technology
  • Standard sub-20 ppm NOx

The Cleaver-Brooks M5M is a membrane wall watertube boiler that achieves best-in-class combustion performance with low emissions. The M5M can fit through a doorway. Premix burner technology enables the boiler to attain <20 ppm NOx without FGR and <10 CO as standard on natural gas. The linkageless burner provides fully modulating turndown without the use of complex air/fuel mixing valves.

  • Up to 5:1 turndown
  • Linkageless control automatically adjusts the air/gas mixture
  • Maintains peak operating efficiency during low system demand
  • Increases boiler room floor space by 50%
  • Ease of installation

The M5M is a compact unit that reduces floor space by 50% with weight savings of 40% while providing steam or hot water for commercial or industrial applications. The complete package fits through a standard doorway, ideal for replacement of existing units with ease of installation and minimal cost.



Cleaver-Brooks is the industry leader in providing energy-efficient, low-emissions boiler room products. With the power of total integration, only Cleaver-Brooks can offer a complete boiler room solution that is designed, engineered, and manufactured (by one company) to work seamlessly together.
By selecting Cleaver-Brooks, you can forget about having to cobble together a boiler room with different manufacturers and hoping they’ll all work together. Instead Cleaver-Brooks will provide the boiler, burner, controls and all accessory equipment to remove the headaches and provide one source of accountability for your boiler room.
Cleaver-Brooks offers an extensive range of steam boilers from 10 horsepower to 1,000,000 pounds of steam per hour including firetube, industrial watertube, flexible watertube commercial, electric, and heat recovery boilers.

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